Encounters along a country lane

To enter the country landscape is to awaken to a world so many have forgotten, a place of birdsong and crisp dawns, of  grazing cattle and horses that watch silently as you pass by, of egrets at dusk and the calling of an owl summoning the night. It is a place of wide open spaces and small intimate detail.

As an artist it is a place of inspiration born of generations living close to the land. And the artworks expressions of the longing of so many to slow down to the pace of bringing the cattle home at the end of the day and lighting a warming fire in the hearth. It is a return to stillness. These are the narratives woven into each artwork.

Heading home – Acrylic on stretched canvas – 840mm x 590mm

The Country Gallery will soon have it’s own dedicated website, offering you the opportunity to explore the wide range of paintings and sculptures in higher definition, and with personal insights into Noel’s creative process.

The Country Collection

The Country Collection is a very special series of paintings, iconic images that evoke a time past, of quiet lanes and close encounters, a robin that flies up from foraging amongst the leaves, a white horse inspired by Tunnicliffe, Belted Galloways overlooking the field, images which capture something close to the country person’s heart, now made available as the highest quality Giclee prints to original size.

Rural Landscapes

The wide sweep of the rural landscape is not only pleasing to the eye, it also is an antidote to the confines of the city and the modern day stresses, offering a reminder of the calm and silence of the countryside, or the invigorating energy of the coast.

Close Encounters with Birds and Wildlife

Time stops when we encounter the direct gaze of an animal, a moment between species, a knowing, something which leaves an echo in our memory. These paintings seek that moment, artworks which have each held that silent encounter between artist and nature, and now you can bring these special animals and birds into your home in a unique and unforgettable way.

The Sketchbooks

In the modern era much interest has focused on the creative process, those moments of inspiration that form the catalyst for the more formal studio artworks. These small sketchbook images offer a rare glimpse into the artists journey, a fresh and wonderful snapshot of rural scenes.

Horses in Bronze

How does one speak of the horse, an animal of such complexity that so many words are used to speak of them: powerful, majestic, wilful, gentle, words which can describe a whole herd, or even a single horse at different times. The challenge for the sculptor is to translate these evocative characteristics into collectable artworks, and when the sculptures reach this level of excellence, they become a focal point of attention and pride in any home.

Noel’s horse bronzes are represented by The Osborne Studio Gallery in Motcomb Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8JU, United Kingdom

Wind Horse – Dimensions H.330mm x D.120mm x L.840mm
Wild and Free – Dimensions H.330mm x D.120mm x L.840mm