“Noel Ashton has the seeking mind of a scientist and the creative soul of an artist, and he brings these two facets together in a stunning offering for our modern world.”

Elizabeth Cairns, The Empowered Entrepreneur

Many threads have been woven into Noel’s life, but central to them all is his search to better understand what it means to be human, our relationship with the earth, and the place where these two intersect. He shares these stories by bringing together paintings, sculptures and words into unique thought-journeys, presented through the dynamic art of the storyteller. Five times author, acclaimed sculptor and painter, cetacean scientific illustrator and active environmental scientist, Noel has a unique and valuable perspective to share.

His work offers us the opportunity to reconnect with the world around us, and along the way to rediscover forgotten aspects of ourselves.

Having collaborated with many diverse international organizations who have seen the inherent value in his unique and engaging programmes, Noel is also sought out by businesses and the film industry who seek the perspective and insights of an individual who sits in that unusual space where creative thought and innovation meet the rigours and precision of science.