Shaping thoughts. Creating journeys. Enabling change.

Never before has the poetic voice of the creatives been more important than it is now, as the restlessness and hurried distractions of the modern world draw us away from ourselves and the space of nature.

How does one best describe the journey of the seeker when the pathways are guided by the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist, seemingly contradictory signposts which surely lead in opposite directions? To answer this question is to encounter the life-journey of Noel Ashton, and to see how divergence can be brought together into unique and engaging expressions, where these two worlds are blended into one.

In service of people and the environment, Noel engages both his scientific mind and the vehicles of language and art to create, embark upon, and facilitate for others the process of a transformative creative journey.

Through the centre of Noel’s life and work runs the emancipating theme of creativity with purpose, offering us opportunities to engage, encounter different perspectives, reflect and ultimately redefine our relationship to ourselves, to each other and to the natural world.

Panel 1

The Storylines

The Storylinesthose unfolding pathways that cross the landscapes of our lives, invisible journeys in search of who we are, so that we can return to gentleness in a world of belonging.

We are born unknowing and unable, and will spend our lifetimes in search of who we are, and how we fit into this magnificent but mysterious world, a journey of discovery guided by the wish to fill our lives with purpose, meaning and joy

During a lifetime of following the pathway of the seeker, Noel brings us over thirty years of Storylines. By combing his engaging artworks and sculptures, narratives and insightful thought-journeys, he offers us powerful and transformative stories of reconnecting meaningfully with our unique authentic selves, our shared humanity, and with the world in which we live.

Panel 2

Noel Ashton's Country Gallery

Unique artworks from the countryside

The gift of the creatives is to offer signposts and metaphors that can take us to places where we can connect to that which is important to us; the painting on a wall or the form of a sculpture is much more than just an object of beauty, they are visual reminders of what brings us joy and meaning in our lives.

To enter the country landscape is to awaken to a world so many have forgotten, a place of birdsong and crisp dawns, of grazing cattle and horses that watch silently as you pass by, of egrets at dusk and the calling of an owl summoning the night. It is a place of wide open spaces and small, intimate detail.

As an artist it is a place of inspiration born of generations living close to the land. And the artworks expressions of the longing of so many to slow down to the pace of bringing the cattle home at the end of the day, and lighting a warming fire in the hearth. It is a return to stillness.

Panel 3

Equestrian Sculptures

An elegant majesty in timeless bronze

How does one speak of the horse, an animal of such complexity that so many words are used to speak of them: powerful, majestic, wilful, gentle, words which can describe a whole herd, or even a single horse at different times. The challenge for the sculptor is to translate these evocative characteristics into collectable artworks, and when the sculptures reach a level of excellence, they become a focal point of attention and pride in any home.

Panel 4

Noel Ashton Photography

Through the artist’s lens

It is the way of seeing which makes each artist’s voice unique, and it is this that steers the course of creativity throughout their lives. There is probably no more immediate way to experience this than when we are given the opportunity to see the world through the lens of an artist, to literally see the world as they do, to eavesdrop on a private conversation with the self.

The photographs from Noel’s extensive digital library have been used by conservation and environmental organizations around the world to enhance their messaging and engage the viewer with powerful and evocative images.